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Alpinestars Stella Tech-Air 3 Airbag

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Alpinestars - Stella Tech-Air 3 Airbag (10)


Alpinestars Tech-Air® 3 Airbag System is an ‘over’ the jacket solution designed for commuters and younger riders and offers effective upper body protection by covering the rider’s full chest and full back.

Featuring a water-resistant main chassis and a waterproof ECU and electronics, this slim, self-contained system can also be worn under a motorcycle jacket, including any Alpinestars’ compatible jacket, any leather or textile jacket, providing that the jacket has sufficient space to accommodate the inflation of the airbag.

Alpinestars’ crash detection triggering algorithm has been developed and refined with millions of kilometres of riding data and thousands of crashes, allowing the system to accurately assess when to deploy the airbag ahead of an impact or other dangerous situation like a lowside or highside crash.  In the event that Tech-Air® 3 detects the start of a crash, the system will activate the protective airbag in milliseconds, depending on the size of the airbag.


  • A fully self-contained system, Tech-Air® 3 does not require any external connections or sensors on the motorcycle for the system to operate. Tech-Air® 3 if a fully autonomous active airbag system
  • Tech-Air® 3 incorporates 6 integrated sensors (3 accelerometers, 3 gyroscopes or 1 triaxial gyroscope and 1 triaxial accelerometer) to provide the best crash monitoring performance in a variety of dynamic riding situations
  • The Tech-Air® 3 Airbag System activates automatically via the magnetic zip closure
  • ECU and electronics are located in a waterproof housing for proven wet weather performance
  • Packable design means the system can be stored in a backpack or under a bike’s seat when not in use
  • Equipped with a diagonal zipper to provide complete front chest coverage while also concealing the inner airbag
  • The magnetic zip closure has been designed for ease of use and for providing a secure closure system to the airbag garment
  • An LED display on the front chest continuously indicates the airbag’s operational status
  • An internal magnetic button facilitates easy positioning of the airbag across the chest when riding
  • Strategically positioned stretch panels on both sides of the abdomen to accommodate the expansion of the airbag in the event of a crash
  • Integrated back protector pocket on the back to house additional passive back protection
  • Tech-Air® 3 incorporates Alpinestars’ Pro 2nd Generation compact Electronic Control Unit (ECU) embedded in the upper back of the Tech-Air® 3 vest
  • Tech-Air® 3 uses the Tech-Air® 5 street algorithm which provides active protection in street riding scenarios and a variety of riding conditions, even when stopped
  • Upgradable system firmware, accessible via the Tech-Air® App
  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE 5.0) connectivity with the Tech-Air® App shows the system’s status, the battery status and riding data
  • Tech-Air® 3 uses an integrated, certified lithium ion battery, with a battery life of 40 hours and a recharge time of approximately 4 hours
  • The LED display also incorporates a haptic alert, which vibrates to confirm the system is armed and alerts the rider when the battery is running low
  • The argon gas canister that provides the inflation gas for the airbag’s deployment is housed in an ergonomic case on the right side of the lower back of the rider
  • The canister housing, electronic wiring, and the airbag are easily removable
  • The canister can be replaced by ANY Alpinestars dealer
  • The vest is washable
  • Chassis is constructed with a water resistant treatment for effective all-weather performance
  • Also available in a Stella version, complete with an ergonomically engineered women’s optimized fit


  • The Tech-Air® 3 system is designed to be worn over as an ‘over’ the jacket solution; upon inflation the system provides protective coverage to the motorcycle rider’s chest and back for effective upper body protection
  • Tech-Air®’s ECU seal-protection ensures all-weather performance and is certified to function between -20 ⁰C and +40⁰C
  • The ECU is CE certified
  • The Argon inflator cartridge is CE certified to ISO26263, confirming compliance with the safety standard and certifying that the cartridges can be safely handled and serviced
  • According to European statutory law the CE mark is a conformity requirement for the marketing of this product. The following standards apply to this product: Tech-Air® 3 full chest and full back Protection from the airbag is Category II CE Certified to the 425/2017/EEC European Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulation, according to relevant part of EN1621-4:2013 airbag certification standard, which guarantees an impact protection performance of not less than five seconds after the activation. Impact protective garment 17092 Class C (outer garment), with the outershell constructed from water resistant material

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