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Sidi Mag 1 - Black/Black CE

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Sidi Mag 1 - Black/Black CE


Upper in Technomicro Microfibre

Technomicro is a composite microfiber material created from strands that are so fine, each one is less than one thousand  the thickness of silk. These fibers act like natural leather skin, but with the advantage of better strength, softer texture and lighter weight. Technomicro is also water resistant, highly resistant to abrasion and tearing and is easy to clean and maintain. Technomicro doesn’t stain and offers reduced weight, more flexibility and a better feel than leather or other synthetic material boots

Micrometric mechanism TECNO 3-MAG with magnetic retaining clips (red).

An all new Micrometric Tecno-3 magnetic closure mechanism is easy and quick to use as well as being highly adjustable and light in weight. The TECNO-3 Magnetic closures close the boot with an extremely resistant steel wire, that is hooked to the clip with the aid of a magnet. Mechanisms and retaining clips are replaceable.

TPU bands

Arch and Achilles areas are covered with Sidi’s exclusive elastic textile and injection molded polyurethane comfort panels. The arch area utilizes two TPU bands next to the TECNO-3 Magnetic closures, for a maximum support and wrap of the arches

Micrometric memory straps

Allows you to adjust the circumference of the calf to the millimeter, with indented memory-regulation straps.

External glass fiber ankle support

A single ANKLE SUPPORT BRACE joins the internal and external ankle joint for more support. In the outer lower part, the ankle support brace is equipped with air vents which can be operated by an aerodynamic shaped button. The ankle support brace is made with NYLON material with GLASS FIBER. Small slots on the joint’s central part allows perspiration and air dissipation

Support braces system

The rear upper is made in polyurethane, and is assembled to the boot with two screws: one on the outside under the TECNO-3 Magnetic mechanism, the other on the inside which holds the micrometric adjuster strap. The screws support and block the internal support system which is made with carbon fiber beams, making up the frame of the boot. This system allows excellent flex movement front-to-back while being firm side-to-side. The Tecno-3 Magnetic mechanism and the micrometric memory strap adjust the leg circumference to fit around the calf muscle.

Asymmetric heel cup

Asymmetric and shaped shock absorbing heel cup, smooth and flat inside, for more adherence with the bike, with shock absorbing system in the back and outside. The shell and the shock absorbing system are replaceable through a screw and an interlocking system.

Replacable shin plate in polyurethane

Vortice toe sliders

The toe slider is made in nylon reinforced with fiberglass. It is fitted with an intake and an innovative alloy insert.


The “CE” marking means that the product meets the basic health and safety requirements of European Directive 89/686/EEC.